Dissemination and scope

Once your stories are collected, the goal is to make those avaialble to a broad audience, giving your words impact.

The means are not yet clear, but it will be non-profit for HRM@UiO.

One possible way is provided by the Amazon digital platform. HRM@UiO

has the needed tools to produce an ebook and make it downloadable from there freely.

Social networks will be used for PR in parralel to national and international publishing platforms used by scientists.

Impact gained by this strategy is international attention to Human Resource Management at the University of Oslo. This can, for instance, impact the decision of scientists from abroad to become a human resource for the University of Oslo. In other words, it will influence the flow of resources. Such measurable factors can provide one form of feedback mechanism for the standard in Human Resource Management. A good one will be rewarded, which is the scope of HRM@UiO.