Project description and call for contributions

Proper Human Resource Management is crucial for both, work efficiency and mental health of the employee. In the best case, it makes people thrive and able to produce, performing at their best, in the worst case, a negative working environment can have a lasting negative impact on mental health and career development. It might mean for the individual never getting a chance to perform well. At such a big university as the University of Oslo, it also could waste millions of public money with palpable consequences for research and education.

University of Oslo is a place where smart people meet from all over the world in a very little country to work together and to compete. This imposes an immense challenge for Human Resource Management and provides an exciting model.

HRM@UiO does not constitute a human research project by any means, it is meant as a close, curious look at different characters, acting on a very small stage and wanting for a global audience. In a challenging play. It is highly competitive, dealing with an elusive subject, science, and lacking objective feedback mechanisms. That should make for an interesting adventure.

Here, you are invited to tell your very own story about your experiences as a human resource at the University of Oslo. Your personal opinion is crucial, be it good or bad. Good experiences will make us all happy, bad experiences will touch, maybe scare us.

Please come forward, this is about you. Give your account of what is happening. Tell about good things to inspire. If you, however, happen to be in pain at your place of work, do not cry real tears about that. It is likely not your fault and it can happen everywhere, at University of Oslo, too. Do both, use the official way to overcome the acute situation if possible, and then make the bad things stop happening anymore by showing where they are happening and who is doing them. Because mostly, they do not happen, they are done. By someone. Do tell. HRM@UiO very much wants to know about these, too. The secret is to collect such reports, if there is some overlap, real magic can happen. Now you know how important your account is. It can save lifes.

Needed are many points of view. Especially interesting are insider reports from different institutes and personnel categories, with diverse rank, citizenship, i.e. foreign worker and Norwegian, age, and gender.

The aim is to illustrate, hopefully learn something new, get surprised, upset or proud, based on real-life experiences. Experience them together. The good to make us optimistic and the bad to recognize and then demand to stop them. It can, for instance, help to show us the villains, the bullies, so they will have to be eliminated, an effort which often is so tempting to avoid that it is avoided. As a result, bullies can go really strong. This can also happen at University of Oslo. If you know of any such bullies, show examples of what they do, tell where they are and who they are. Bad villains can look mighty and tough to deal with. Will there be a happy ending? Or will they continue? Your choice, not theirs.

Currently this is an independent and strictly unofficial, non-funded project concerned with the effectiveness of Human Resource Management at University of Oslo and the challenges met. It is about how employees experience their working life and what stories they have to tell. It is not associated with University of Oslo or any institution and run by a single person who got interested in the topic.

Independent of University of Oslo, this project can provide a different perspective than the already existing means. Different perspectives make us see things from different angles, giving us a more truthful representation.

There is no guarantee for any measurable impact right now. It is a project in progress to hopefully make many, also low voices get heard, to make patterns emerge and speak. It might be interesting what they have to say, be curious. The most important factor is your input.

The project time frame is 2011/12.

Use the contact address below to make an appointment for an interview or send your written report, anonymously if you want. Your report will serve as data entry, a “pixel” that together with others might form an interesting image, strictly for illustration, and by sending it, you agree to that. Contributions or excerpts, original or in derived form, will only eventually be made public if appropriate and if you wish, please indicate so in your contribution. Be responsible, be specific and be true. No hate letters. Use only one return address or indicate if you use several. If you have just a few sentences to share, your contribution is still important and valid. Thanks for playing fair.

If you want to contribute, please send an e-mail to: