Ikke trakassering, men fornektelse knekker folk

Dersom energien strekker til vil det komme et innlegg om fornektelsen arbeidsgiveren bedriver. Det er denne fornektelsen som til slutt knekker for godt den som rammes.


Do NOT tell your story!


If you try to, they will hunt you down and “kill” you. No escape. No help in your effort. They win, you loose. In the end you will be made to share their disrespect for you and this will really be the end. To join these people means loosing ones dignity as a human being.

May you make informed decisions!

“Smoking out” as HRM tool at UiO

This short article wants to illustrate with a story a term which might be used in the context of human ressource management (HRM) at the University of Oslo (UiO).

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